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September 4, 2006
Canada needs an Anti-Scab Legislation
The Canadian Labour Congress launches a nationwide campaign today (September 4, 2006 - Labour Day) to get Parliament to
prohibit the use of scabs (replacement workers) during labour disputes.

In October, the House of Commons will vote on amendments to the Canada Labour Code proposed in Bill C-257, which would make
it illegal for employers to hire new staff while their own employees are locked out or on strike.  Similar limits are already in place in
British Columbia and Quebec.

“Canadian working families want that legislation adopted,” explains Ken Georgetti,  president of the Canadian Labour Congress, on
his way to Labour Day events in Vancouver.  “Over the next six weeks, we will make every possible effort to make sure unionized
workers contact their MP and let them know they expect them to vote in favour of anti-scab legislation.”

Georgetti adds: “It’s time for working people to reassert the power they have as citizens and as voters.  Wage earners make up the
majority of voters.  They are the true employers of the Members of Parliament.”
“On this Labour Day 2006, we are telling workers that the laws should reflect their sense of fairness and balance.  That is why it’s
time for Parliament to make it illegal to hire scabs.”

“The Canadian Labour Congress is telling every worker: If you’ve never contacted your Member of Parliament before, this is the time
to do it.  Tell them to adopt the anti-scab legislation this fall.”

The Canadian Labour Congress, the national voice of the labour movement, represents 3.1 million Canadian workers.  The CLC
brings together Canada's national and international unions along with the provincial and territorial federations of labour and 135
district labour councils.  www.canadianlabour.ca

Source:  CLC
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