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October 29, 2006
Anti-Scab Legislation: A Victory for Workers' Rights
On Wednesday evening, October 25, 2006, after three non-stop days of lobbying by Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) affiliates, the
House of Commons passed second reading of Bill C-257 (the Anti-Scab Bill) by a vote of 167 to 101.  All of the Bloc Québécois and
NDP MPs supported the private member's Bill sponsored by the Bloc as did the overwhelming majority of Liberals and 21
Conservative MPs.  Last year on April 7, 2005, a similar vote was lost by just 12 votes.  

Thank you to all those who sent messages to their MPs via labour websites and who lobbied their MPs at the riding level.  Under the
leadership of Hassan Yussuff, CLC Secretary Treasurer, the CLC mounted a massive lobby campaign in the ridings and did a
superb job over the four days preceding the vote in Ottawa, where more than 150 affiliated activists and leaders participated in the
most massive lobby ever conducted by the CLC.  The CAW had a lobby team of 12 in Ottawa to help get this vote over the top.  Joining
Paul Forder, CAW Director of Government Relations, the CAW lobby team was:
  • Anne Davidson - Area Director for B.C. and Alberta
  • Barry Kennedy - Council 4000
  • Sandra Cormier - Local 2002
  • Marcel Rondeau - Local 2002, President TCA Quebec Council
  • Terry Farrell - CAW Skilled Trades Coordinator
  • Caroline Lavoie - Local 2002
  • Dean Lindsay - CAW Coordinator
  • Mike Michaud - CAW Coordinator
  • Kevin Shields - CAW Coordinator
  • Tim Mitchell - 2nd Vice President Local 1524
  • Wayne Gates - President Local 199

After the vote was read by the Speaker of the House, despite this being prohibited, exuberant CLC lobbyists stood and cheered from
the members galleries above the House of Commons.  What a great victory for the CLC's 50th anniversary and for workers in the
federal sector.

The Bill now goes to the standing committee on Human Resources Development/ Status of Persons with Disabilities for study and
recommendations before returning to the House for third and final reading.  This committee is chaired by Conservative Dean Allison,
(Niagara West).  The committee is made up of five Conservatives, four Liberals, two Bloc and one NDP.  With a seven to five majority
for the Liberals, Bloc and NDP, the committee should be able to move the Bill back for third reading in tact.  

The real work will be in lobbying hard for the third and final reading vote which could come before Christmas, or more likely in the
New Year.

Click here to see which MPs supported Bill C-257, and which MPs voted against.

For those MPs who voted no, send them a letter, fax or email telling them you are disappointed in their vote on second reading and
hope they will join the majority and vote for the Bill on third reading because it is the right thing to do, bringing fairness and balance to
collective bargaining i the federal sector.

More information to come on this story in the coming days.

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