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October 20, 2006
CN begins to decentralize its National Customer Support Centre in Winnipeg
Winnipeg CSC to be replaced by 6 new Regional Service Centres - Prince George being the first regional centre to open
Earlier this year, CN advised the Union of their plan to decentralize its National Customer Support Centre based in Winnipeg. This
move comes more than a decade after the Company centralized customer service operations across Canada and created a new
national centre located in downtown Winnipeg in 1994.

In decentralizing the Winnipeg CSC, the Company will create six new regional centres that will be based in Montreal, Toronto,
Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver and Prince George.  The first phase of this plan sees 5 Customer Support Representatives (CSRs)
and one Optional Biller position (6 positions in total) being transferred to Prince George.  

Six members from Winnipeg elected to transfer with these positions, bringing with them their Prairie Region seniority in accordance
the terms of the CAW/CN Collective Agreement.  The Union negotiated enhanced relocation benefits for these members.

The new regional centres will see CSR and billing staff work in the same centre as Servocentre Control (SCC) staff at Transportation
Reporting Services.

The Prince George Terminal has seen a large increase in jobs since CN’s acquisition of BC Rail (BCR) in 2003.  Twenty former BCR
employees whose jobs fall under the scope of CAW/CN Agreement 5.1 transferred into CN’s Prince George operations with their
BCR seniority dovetailed onto the CAW Agreement 5.1 Mountain Region seniority list, becoming members of CAW Council 4000 and
Local 4001.  There were also additional vacant positions that transferred into Agreement 5.1.

Just recently, the Company created four new SCC positions at Prince George (now a total of 8 SCC positions) in addition the 6 new
Customer Support positions that were transferred from Winnipeg.

Company issues abolishment notice for 6 CSR positions in Winnipeg effective February 2007, and advises that a
new Vancouver service centre is to open in early 2007

On October 18, 2006, CN issued official notice to the Union that a further 6 CSR positions in Winnipeg will be abolished effective
February 18, 2007, and that the next Regional Service Centre to be established will be in Vancouver in "early 2007."  The Company
has not yet determined the number of positions that will be transferred/created in Vancouver, but it is anticipated that 10 positions will
be established for the new Vancouver service centre when it opens.   

Transferring of CSC work to Edmonton and Vancouver will not occur until 2007.

More information on the Edmonton and Vancouver moves will be provided as it becomes available.  
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