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October 20, 2006
CAW sending group to Ottawa to lobby MPs to pass anti-strike breaker legislation: Bill C-257
Bill C-257 was introduced as a private member's bill by Bloc Québécois MP Carole Lavallee, which if
passed, would prevent the use of replacement workers in the event of a labour strike or lockout.  Ms.
Lavallee introduced a similar anti-strike breaker bill
[Bill C-263], which was defeated by just 12 votes
on April 7, 2005.  This is the tenth attempt by the Bloc to win anti-strike breaking provisions for
workers who are governed under the Canada Labour Code.  As was the case the last time, the NDP
is expected to join the Bloc and vote solidly in favour of Bill C-257.  

Labour legislation should treat workers and employers fairly in the event of a strike or lock-out.  Both
sides must pay an economic consequence in such situations.
Stop Scab Labour!  Urge your MP to support Bill C-257
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The CAW is sending a group to Ottawa to lobby Conservative and Liberal MPs days before the Bill is tabled and will sit in the House of
Commons during the vote.  Bill C-257 will be voted on in the House of Commons on Wednesday evening, October 25, 2006.  As
support for this legislation has increased slowly over the years, it is hoped that this time out anti-strike breaker legislation will pass
and be enshrined in the Canada Labour Code.

It is anticipated that Prime Minister Harper may try to bind his Cabinet and Parliamentary Secretaries to oppose the Bill, similarly as
was done in 2005 by Liberal PM Paul Martin.

Please help support this lobby:  Click on the "ACTION" box [above right] and send your MP a fax/email telling them to vote in favour
of Bill C257.  

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