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November 4, 2006
MP Peggy Nash introduces Federal Minimum Wage Bill
MP Peggy Nash has introduced a bill in the House of Commons that aims to re-establish a federal minimum wage.  “Canada is
considered a low wage country with high rates of poverty,” said Nash, the NDP MP for Parkdale High Park in Toronto and former
assistant to the CAW president.  The bill would set the minimum wage at $10 per hour.   

Nash’s private members bill seeks to amend the Canadian Labour Code. Nash is hopeful the bill will gather support from MPs of all
political parties, an NDP release indicates.

“The passage of Bill C-257 shows what we can do when we reach across party lines to accomplish results for working people,” Nash
said in reference to a private members bill to ban replacement workers that passed second reading recently. It gathered support from
NDP, Liberal, Bloc and some Conservative Party MPs.

Nash said the minimum wage issue must be raised in provincial legislatures also, including Ontario’s where the NDP is also calling
for $10 minimum wage per hour. “Raise the minimum wage, because in a just society no one working full time for a full year should
find themselves in poverty.”

Source:  CAW NewsNow