May 10, 2006
Elections for CAW National Council 4000 Regional Representatives
Nominations closed on April 7, 2006 for the positions of Regional Representatives of CAW Council 4000.  In addition to servicing
assignments, the Regional Reps are also bargaining committee members for CAW national negotiations with CN and VIA Rail, both
which will commence later this year.

The elections began April 21st when ballots were distributed by the Council’s National Election Committee by mail.  The Committee
is again being chaired by long-time union activist, former CBRT&GW member and honourary Council 4000 member Wally Wilkinson
of Montreal.  The election runs until May 26th, with first ballot results being announced on May 29th.

Existing Representatives in Western Canada: Dave Mercer-Hazlitt (Mountain/ Prairie Regions) responsible for membership servicing
of Rocky Mountaineer Vacations and VIA Rail;  Barry Kennedy (Mountain Region) for CN and Savage Alberta Railway, and Rick
Doherty (Prairie Region) for CN, were all re-elected by acclamation.

Representatives for the remaining five positions based in Eastern Canada will be determined by election.  Candidates are as follows
(in alphebetical order):

  • Denotes Incumbent

Great Lakes Region - Local 4003:  Autoport, CN, Coyote Terminals and Toronto Terminal Railway

  • John Almdal                                                
  • Sandra Prudames                                      

Great Lakes Region - Local 4003:  CARA, Judy Vent Investments (Harvey's), Motor Coach Industries and VIA Rail   

  • Danny Andru                                                
  • Tony Blanchard                                            

St. Lawrence/Atlantic Region – Local 4004/4005:  CN and Shawinigan Railway

  • Claude Rainville                                           
  • Jean Savard                                                 

St. Lawrence Region – Local 4004:  VIA Rail

  • Serge Auger                                                 
  • Michel Auclair                                              
  • Mario Nascimento                                        
  • Daniel Ouellet                                               
  • Pierre Rouleau                                              

Atlantic Region – Local 4005:  DHL Express, Nova Scotia Federation of Labour Support Staff, Rivenwood Furniture,
Scanwood Canada Ltd., VIA Rail, World Trade & Convention Centre Halifax

  • Heather Grant                                             
  • Randy Graveline                                            

Good luck to all candidates.

Results will be posted on as they are announced by the Council’s National Election Committee.