May 10, 2006
Tory government cancels plan to sell hopper cars to grain farmers
Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities has introduced amendments to the Canada Transportation
Act that focus on balancing the interests of communities, consumers, commuters and urban transit authorities with those of air and

"What these changes come down to for Canadians is better transportation security, more transparency, fewer nuisances such as
noise, and a transportation framework that can better meet future economic and environmental challenges," said Minister Cannon.

"The proposed amendments will improve the efficiency of our transportation system and the quality of life of Canadians, particularly in
urban areas."

The proposed amendments include:

  • A modernized and simplified National Transportation Policy Statement;
  • A new provision for the Minister to authorize the development of regulations for greater transparency in the advertisement of air
  • Improvements to the policy framework for publicly funded passenger rail services that will help address urban transportation
  • A public interest review process for mergers and acquisitions of all federally regulated transportation services;
  • A provision allowing the Canadian Transportation Agency to address railway noise complaints;
  • A reduction in the number of members of the Canadian Transportation Agency, and the formal integration of the air travel
    complaints functions into its normal business;
  • The addition of security to the list of purposes for which transportation data can be collected, the identification of transportation
    stakeholders and parties from whom data can be collected, and the extension of reporting and reviewing periods;
  • The transfer of the legislative arrangements for railway police from the Canada Transportation Act to the Railway Safety Act;
  • Improvements to the grain revenue cap adjustment related to hopper cars to ensure maximum benefits for western Canadian
    grain producers.

During the development of these amendments, Transport Canada said it held wide-ranging consultations with other federal
departments, provincial and territorial governments, concerned agencies, and stakeholders.

The Canada Transportation Act came into effect in 1996 to modernize the transportation legislative framework and create the
Canadian Transportation Agency, in place of the National Transportation Agency.

Source:  Canadian Transportation & Logistics