May 2, 2006
CAW Council approves Resolution to withdraw CAW support of the NDP
CAW Embarks on New Political Direction
After a spirited debate, an overwhelming majority of delegates to the April 2006 meeting of CAW Council voted in favour of
encouraging CAW members, Locals and staff to withdraw all support and affiliations to the New Democratic Party.
After hearing from speaker after speaker, more than 800 workplace leaders from across Canada voted in favour of a resolution that
outlines a new political direction for the 265,000 member CAW.  “We will move ahead and we will have a stronger position in terms of
progressive politics down the road,” CAW president Buzz Hargrove said after the vote.

The resolution encourages CAW local leadership, staff, members and CAW local unions currently affiliated to the NDP to withdraw all
support and affiliations to the NDP federally, provincially and in the territories.

Delegates also expressed outrage at the decision by the Ontario NDP executive and council to suspend CAW national president Buzz
Hargrove from the provincial and federal NDP.  They slammed federal, provincial and territorial NDP leaders for not objecting to the
“scurrilous targeting by the Ontario NDP.”

The resolution urges NDP leaders to demand the ONDP rescind its decision and amend NDP constitutions to respect that labour
leaders and others will act according to the democratic decisions made by their unions or organizations.

CAW Council reaffirmed the union’s long-standing strategy to engage in politics independently and called for the doubling of efforts in
support of social movement partners.  Delegates committed to work hard to limit the regressive actions of the Harper government
and prevent it from winning a majority in the next election.

“The CAW remains committed to strengthening working class politics and we will expand our financial support and efforts to work
with other like-minded groups in our common goal of building a progressive alternative in our country,” said Hargrove.

The resolution approved by the April 2006 CAW Council meeting was adopted by the CAW National Executive Board on March 21st
and has since been debated by hundreds of CAW leadership and activists in meeting after meeting. CAW Council meets three times
annually and acts as the Parliament of the union.

In December 2005, CAW Council delegates adopted a strategy for the federal election.  
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Source:  CAW NewsNow

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