June 26, 2006
CAW National Council 4000 to start bargaining with CN Transportation Ltd.
The CAW will meet with CN Transportation Ltd. on Tuesday, June 27th to start bargaining on a new collective agreement for the
approximate 350 CN Owner Operator truck drivers across Canada, members of CAW Council 4000.  The Union has been holding
numerous conference calls with its Owner Operator leadership, National and Regional Representatives to focus on the essential
items that need to be addressed this round of negotiations.  The Owner Operator Shop Stewards have also been meeting and
soliciting the CNTL membership for their ideas.  

Overall, there was a unanimous feeling that a shortened list of demands which focus on the essential needs and those issues that
are currently plaguing the CNTL membership should be submitted in hopes of negotiating and securing a new and fair deal in as
short of time frame possible.  Based on their experience from the last rounds of Owner Operator bargaining, the Union decided to
appoint the four elected Shop Stewards elected for the last CAW CNTL Bargaining Committee - Dan Thomson, ------, Steve Leng, and
Blair Clarke, in hopes of securing a new deal with CNTL.  They will join Council President Bob Fitzgerald and National Representative
Abe Rosner.  Should bargaining be prolonged due to Company barriers, then the four Regional Representatives who are elected by
the Council's remaining 2,500 members at CN, including CNTL Owner Operators, will then step in, when Owner Operator bargaining
will resume at the same time negotiations for Agreement 5.1, 5.4 and the Intermodal Supplemental Agreement commence later this
year.  The CNTL Bargaining Committee would continue to consult with Thomson, ------, Leng and Clarke during the remainder of
Owner Operator bargaining.

Some of the items the Union hopes to attain in a new three year collective agreement are increases for zone, mileage, and wait time;
employment security and work ownership provisions for all Owner Operators; a review of vehicle insurance coverage to reduce cost to
Owner Operators; matching RRSP contributions and/or share options that are currently offered to CN employees, and an improved
process and collective agreement provisions for disciplinary investigations thus making them more fair and impartial, to name a few.

Bargaining updates will be posted in the “Negotiations” section of www.cawcouncil4000.com when they become available.
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