June 26, 2006
Canada - Korea Free Trade Agreement bad for Canada
The CAW outlined strong opposition to the proposed free trade agreement between Canada and South Korea in a presentation to the
House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade.

'A free trade deal with Korea offers no tangible benefits to Canada, yet puts some of our most important high-tech industries at risk,'
said Jim Stanford, CAW Economist.

'Our government is putting ideology ahead of the concrete economic interests of Canadians, by forcing this deal through over the
objection of the auto industry and other key sectors of our economy,' Stanford said.

The Canadian auto industry has been unanimous -- including North American assemblers, Toyota, Honda, parts suppliers, the CAW,
and other stakeholders - in condemning the proposed deal, which would allow rapidly-growing Korean exporters (like Hyundai and
KIA) to further expand their sales in Canada, but with no guarantees of equivalent Canadian sales into Korea.

Stanford was joined by Chris Buckley, president of CAW Local 222 in Oshawa, representing 15,000 members in the auto and auto
parts industries.  'Our plants in Oshawa have just been recognized, again, as the highest-quality, highest-productivity assembly
facilities on the whole continent,' said Buckley.  'Yet our jobs are still in danger, largely because of a one-way flow of automotive
imports from Asia. Free trade with Korea will make things even worse.'

Source:  CAW NewsNow
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