June 10, 2006
CAW wins outsourcing fight with CNTL
When CN brought in outside non-union truckers to work four shifts per week full-time at Winnipeg, the CAW blew the whistle – and in
April, Arbitrator Michel Picher halted the play.

The practice began after the 2004 strike, when CN rewarded outside truckers who had crossed CAW picket lines by keeping them on
full-time.  They worked at cheaper than union rates and got longer hours, causing serious losses to CAW members.  The union
grieved, arguing that this action by CN amounted to outsourcing of work in the bargaining unit.  At the April arbitration hearing, Mr.
Picher agreed.

“This is a huge step toward treating our owner-operators with respect as real union members”, said CAW Council 4000 President
Bob Fitzgerald.  “Our next challenge is to apply this victory to Toronto, Calgary, and other locations.”

CAW Council 4000’s collective agreement with CN covers 350 owner-operator truckers.

The union’s case was argued by national representative Abe Rosner with the help of Council 4000 Prairie Regional Representative
Rick Doherty and Local Chair Neil Glover.

Source:  CAW NewsNow
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