January 16, 2006
Winners of the 2005 Labour Website of the Year
This year's competition for Labour Website of the Year - 2005, 6,848 votes was cast for hundreds of trade union websites around the
world.  5,578 (81%) of these votes were confirmed by email, and only those votes were counted in this year's competition - the first
time such a precaution was ever undertaken.

This year, among the top 10 websites, four were from Canada, two from the USA, and one each from South Africa, Australia, the
United Kingdom, and Ireland.  These ten websites come from unions representing nearly 3,000,000 workers.  The winning site this
year received more votes than any other site ever received in one of our annual competitions.

And the winners are...

  • In 10th place, with 85 votes, is the website of the Irish Nurses Organization, Ireland's largest professional union for nurses
    and midwives with 31,000 members.  It is the first Irish union website to place in the top ten for a labour website of the year

  • In 9th place, with 100 votes, is the Canadian Union of Public Employees, winner of the 2004 and 2003 competitions.  CUPE is
    Canada's largest union, with more than 500,000 members.  CUPE’s website is bilingual.

  • In 7th place, with 130 votes, is a third Canadian website -- CUPE Alberta.

  • In 6th place, with 168 votes, is the website of the Industrial Workers of the World, which has content in around 15 different
    languages.  The IWW, founded in 1905 and headquartered in the USA, won the labour website of the year competition in 1999.

  • In 5th place, with 213 votes, is Your Rights at Work -- a community campaign run by the Australian Council of Trade Unions,
    Australia's national trade union center, which represents 46 unions and 1,800,000 workers.

  • In 3rd place, with 404 votes, is Confined Space.  Confined Space is the weblog of Jordan Barab from the USA and offers
    "news and commentary on workplace health & safety, labor and politics".  This marks the first appearance of a weblog in the
    top ten of the labour website of the year competition.

  • In 2nd place, with 708 votes, is the website of Solidarity -- no, not the Polish union but the South African one.  Solidarity's
    website (which appears in both English and Afrikaans) serves a union with 1,000 branches across the country.

Finally, in First place, with a staggering 1,078 confirmed votes, is the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women
Teachers (NASUWT) -- the largest union representing teachers and headteachers throughout the United Kingdom with over 200,000
members in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  The NASUWT is the first British trade union website to win the website
of the year competition since 2001. (Last year, not a single British site even made it to the top ten.)  

Feel free to send your messages of congratulations to the union's
General Secretary, Chris Keates.

Thanks to all those who sent in a vote for the
CAW National Council 4000 Mountain Region Website.  Perhaps we will fair better in
next year’s competition.  Congratulations to the top ten, and this year’s winner of LabourStart’s Labour Website of the Year – 2005:

The National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT)

Source:  LabourStart.org / CAW Council 4000