January 15, 2006
New environment friendly transportation projects to receive funding
Transport Minister Jean-C. Lapierre recently announced more than $2 million in funding for 10 new projects to help the freight
transportation sector reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The funding comes from Transport Canada’s Freight Incentives Program.

“Today’s announcement will enable companies in various modes of transportation to be more environmentally friendly,” said Mr.
Lapierre. “The funding will be used to purchase equipment and improve operational efficiency, and thereby reduce greenhouse gas

The 10 winning projects were proposed by Southern Railway of British Columbia, BC Ferries, Pioneer Rail Services Ltd., Savage
Alberta Railway Inc., Winnipeg Airports Authority Inc., Huron Central Railway, Canadian National, Chemin de fer de la Matapédia et du
Golfe inc., New Brunswick East Coast Railway, and Jazz Air Limited Partnership.

The Freight Incentives Program is a four-year, $5-million program designed to encourage the adoption and use of technology and
equipment that reduce greenhouse gas emissions cost-effectively in the rail, marine and air freight transportation sectors. To achieve
this goal, the program provides funding to eligible applicants to purchase and install efficiency-enhancing technologies.

The program began accepting its first round of proposals in May 2004. This is the second round of funding under the current program
authority. The deadline to apply for the next round of Freight Incentives Program funding is May 31, 2006.

This initiative was announced as part of the 2002 Climate Change Plan for Canada.

A backgrounder with more information on Transport Canada’s Freight Incentives Program and the winning projects is attached.

Source:  Transport Canada
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