January 15, 2006
Vancouver Truckers Association merges with CAW
The Vancouver Container Truckers Association has recently merged with the CAW, creating a new local - CAW (VCTA) Local 2006
and has negotiated a new tentative agreement.

The local represents approximately 1000 drivers who haul containers from lower mainland ports in the Vancouver, B.C. area.

As the CAW’s Contact newsletter went to press the group was set to vote on its first collective agreement, a three-year deal covering
more than 50 trucking companies operating in the lower mainland area.

Prior to the merger with CAW the workers held a five week shutdown to protest issues involving escalating fuel prices, undercutting of
wages and concerns regarding respect for workers. After an arbitrator ruled in favour of wage increases for the group, the various
employer companies began undercutting each other again and the VCTA moved ahead with the merger to put a stop to undercutting
and to ensure all workers had the full benefits of belonging to a union.

Paul Johal, president of CAW/VCTA Local 2006, said the CAW provided its full support to the group and helped it reach an agreement
that will be a benefit to the membership for years to come.

The vast majority of our membership are visible minority workers with most being Indo-Canadian. Johal said. “We’re proud to join
with such a diverse, democratic and progressive Canadian union as the CAW."

Hemi Mitic, assistant to the CAW president, said the workers faced major obstacles, but have emerged stronger than ever.

“The solidarity shown by this group of workers is unprecedented,” Mitic said. “They are a wonderful addition to our union and have
proven once again that fighting back makes a difference.”

Source:  CAW NewsNow