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December 23, 2006
CAW Donates to 42 Canadian Food Banks
The Canadian Auto Workers union is contributing $142,000 to food banks across Canada.  Money will be provided to 42 food banks
from Newfoundland to British Columbia.  CAW president Buzz Hargrove says the union responds at this time each year to help
people in need as part of its commitment to social unionism.

According to Hunger Count 2005 - the annual survey of food banks - more than 800,000 people use a food bank on average each
month, of which 40 per cent are children.  Fighting child poverty was once a national goal in Canada but the goal set 17 years ago has
never been met.  In fact, the survey also revealed that 13.1 per cent of food bank users are people with jobs and that 39 per cent of
food banks struggle to meet demand.

In addition to the $142,000 from the CAW Social Justice Fund and CAW Council, many CAW local unions do a lot of additional work
and provide assistance to food banks in their own communities.

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Source:  CAW NewsNow