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December 6, 2006
December 6:  National Day of Commemoration to End Violence Against Women
The CAW, in conjunction with the Canadian Labour Congress, has organized a national campaign to end violence against women
engineering students 17 years ago at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal.  Each year, CAW members pledge to continue the work of
eliminating violence in our workplaces, communities and around the globe.

As part of the December 6 campaign CAW Women’s Programs Director Julie White is urging women’s committees and networks to
organize community events and workplace actions by distributing thousands of postcards.  Three key messages are identified in the

increase government funding, don’t decrease it;
core funding is needed, not project funding;
provide funding to groups which advocate for women.

This December 6 campaign is an important lead-up as CAW women activists prepare for the next federal election.

“A federal election is pending and we have an opportunity over the next few months to challenge the politicians and their parties to
commit to the three main messages in our postcards,” said White.  “We cannot stop violence against women merely by marking this

For more information on the December 6 campaign visit the CAW website at:

Source:  CAW NewsNow
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