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December 6, 2006
New CN Regional Service Centre to open in Vancouver in February 2007
The second phase of CN’s decentralization of its National Customer Support Centre based in Downtown Winnipeg will see the
establishment of a new Regional Service Centre in Vancouver.  The first regional centre opened in Prince George in October 2006.  
CN will be opening additional regional centres in 2007 based in Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg in 2007.  The Winnipeg
membership gets first right to the work being transferred.  The new regional Vancouver Customer Service centre will be located at CN’
s Thornton Yard Office in Surrey.  

CN served abolishment notices on six Customer Support Representatives in Winnipeg, positions that will be transferred to the new
regional centre at Thornton Yard.  In turn, CN will establish 10 positions for the Vancouver operation.  In minimizing the adverse
affects from this organizational change in Winnipeg; CN will create additional positions for the CAW membership to offset any
Employment Security liabilities at Winnipeg, meaning no job loss for the Winnipeg membership.

The CAW recently agreed to terms negotiated pursuant Article 8.4 of the Employment Security and Income Maintenance Agreement
(ESIMA) for CAW members desiring to transfer from Winnipeg to Vancouver.  The Union negotiated enhancements to relocation
benefits set out in Article 6 of the ESIMA, which included an extra paid week off work to move and/or seek new accommodation (two-
weeks total as opposed to one that is set out in the ESIMA); air fare costs between Winnipeg and Vancouver (option that is not
currently in the ESIMA); and an additional $10,000.00 payment either by the lump sum option relocation payment ($50,000.00) or in
addition to the $20,000.00 pursuant Article 3 of the ESIMA.

The enhanced relocation and/or lump sum benefits resulted in five CAW members from Winnipeg bidding positions in Vancouver.  
The new Vancouver centre is set to open in February 2007.
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