April 24, 2006
CAW Local 4001 Members at Rocky Mountaineer Vacations ratify new contract
CAW members at Rocky Mountaineer Vacations, a passenger rail, tourism and hospitality company, recently ratified a new three-year
bonus of 5% a year for each three years.

Other highlights include:

  • An overtime averaging agreement that will be universal for all on-board attendants regardless of seniority category, which
    improves overtime opportunities for senior members compared to the previous agreement;  

  • Statutory Holiday pay for any month in the season that an employee works, eliminating pre-requisites of a required number of
    working hours in order to qualify for payment.  This is especially important at the beginning of the work season as members
    sometimes start their season just before Easter;  

  • The operations of off-season trains will see a new $2.00 per hour premium paid in lieu of any Stat Holiday that falls in the
    month off-season trains operate.  This means, as an example, that when there is only a maximum of 8 working days in the
    month of December available to only a limited number of staff, they will now receive an additional premium in lieu of the
    Christmas and Boxing Day stats.  This trip/per hour worked premium is virtually equal to regular stat holiday pay and is a
    significant gain for those members who desire to work for the limited time that is available in the off-seasons;

  • A Health Service Account (HSA) of $300.00 per employee for each year of the collective agreement for those members with
    less than 5 years of service, and $500.00 for members who have worked 6 or more years.  Due to Canada Revenue Agency
    guidelines, this tax free HSA would not be carried over from one year to the next, but the sum will be available each year as
    designated with seniority.  This gives all seasonal members at Rocky Mountaineer the opportunity to buy a benefit package
    such as Blue Cross;

  • Increases were achieved in dry-cleaning allowances and meal per diems.

The bargaining committee estimates that in addition to the 3% wage increase, when you take into account all the other extra monetary
gains that were achieved this round of bargaining, most employees will see a potential increase in earnings of anywhere from 2% to
15%.  Add to that the HSA (worth the equivalent of a 2.8% wage increase) and Statutory Holiday pay (up to an additional 2.5%
increase), this is a great deal with significant monetary gains, especially in light of what is the "norm" for today’s hospitality/tourism

Local 4001 Unit Chairperson and Bargaining Committee member Matthew Fisher says that in his opinion, “this is a very lucrative deal
for our membership.”  “The monetary gains are major.”  He believes it was an amazing achievement to have “gotten what we did onto
the table and see them negotiated to a successful conclusion,” and gave a “great thank you to the entire bargaining committee for a
job well done, and a new collective agreement that is the best in the history of the Company!”

The CAW Bargaining Committee was comprised of Douglas Miller, who is an on-board attendant with Rocky Mountaineer, along with
Unit Chairperson Matthew Fischer, Council 4000 Regional Representative Dave Mercer-Halzlitt and CAW National Representative
Brian McDonagh.  

Good work everyone!