April 14, 2006
“C’est La Vie” insensitive to working Canadians
million light rail system.  Hargrove said the decision to pick Siemens won’t help the overall economy of Ontario or Ottawa.

The city’s selection committee picked Siemens over two other bidders for the project, including Bombardier.  CAW Local 1075
represents workers at a Bombardier rail car plant in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Siemens doesn’t have a Canadian rail car plant.
“I can’t believe the quote attributed to Mayor Chiarelli in the Ottawa Citizen where his reaction is “C’est la vie” to the fact that a portion
of the work (rail car assembly) could be leaving the country,” Hargrove said.

“I’m so frustrated and angry about this decision, I can’t believe it,” Hargrove said.  “It’s irresponsible at best.  My worry is it’s consistent
with the Harper government’s idea of letting the market decide, as opposed to looking after Canadian interests.”

“Purchasing foreign made rail cars is a false economy that benefits no Canadian,” said CAW Local 1075 president Paul Pugh.  “It’s
vitally important to maintain the high technology jobs we have in Canada.”

“Federal and provincial programs that benefit the city of Ottawa and other municipalities are financed by the taxes of hard working
Canadians like Local 1075 members,” Pugh said.  “Those tax dollars shouldn’t be spent to support workers in other countries, when
there are Canadians that can do the work.”

Source:  CAW NewsNow
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