April 14, 2006
CAW and The NDP
Approximately 800 local union activists from CAW Locals in southern Ontario gathered recently in meetings over three days to
discuss the collective bargaining and political challenges that lie ahead for the union.

They discussed resolutions passed by the CAW National Executive Board on child care and the CAW’s relationship with the New
Democratic Party.

CAW economist Jim Stanford made a presentation analyzing the 2006 federal election and the impact of the CAW’s strategic voting

Delegates to the upcoming CAW Council meeting to be held April at Port Elgin, Ontario will be asked to debate and support a
resolution passed unanimously by the CAW National Executive Board that highlights the CAW’s dismay over the expulsion of CAW
president Buzz Hargrove from the NDP.

During meetings held April 3 to 5, local union activists participated in meetings in Windsor, London, Kitchener and Toronto where they
overwhelmingly supported the NEB resolution on the NDP.

The resolution reaffirms the CAW’s commitment to engage in politics independently, in the name of the union and its members.  It
urges the CAW to double its support of social movement partners and to work to limit the regressive action of the Harper government
and to prevent it from winning a majority in the next election.

The NDP resolution urges CAW local leadership, staff, members and local unions affiliated to the NDP to withdraw all support and
affiliations from the NDP.

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Source:  CAW NewsNow
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