Council 4000 meetings on CN/BC Rail integration
July 3, 2005   
CAW Council 4000 President Bob Fitzgerald and Regional Representative Barry Kennedy, along with Local 4001 President Clyde
Duncan visited Prince George, B.C. on June 29th to meet with CN and union members concerning the integration of BC Rail (BCR).  
While in B.C., Fitzgerald and Kennedy, along with Greater Vancouver Local Chairperson Ron Shore, also met with Teamsters Union
Representatives at the North Vancouver Reload facility to discuss issues related to the transfer of Teamsters members in North
Vancouver, Lillooet and Prince George into CAW Council 4000.

The Union had a positive meeting with CN the morning of June 29th at the former BC Rail Offices, where it appears CN will relocate most
of its operations from the existing CN Prince George Yard.  

The Union raised the issue of Train Movement Clerk duties required for the former BC Rail right-of-way being performed in Prince
George and North Vancouver by management personnel.  TMC type duties was non-scheduled work at BC Rail.  The Company has until
the end of 2005 to determine what BCR non-scheduled work and/or employees will be transferred into the CAW Council 4000 Bargaining

The Union also raised concerns of CN UTU Traffic Coordinators performing TMC duties of CN right-of-way traffic, work that is to be
performed by TMC's at Edmonton's Walker Yard.  The Company did reassign one CAW Agreement 5.1 member who used to perform
TMC work at Prince George, from off his LMU assignment to temporarily assist in the backlog of reporting duties for Northern BC in
Prince George.

As a result of our discussions, CN agreed in the interim to establish two permanent positions of TMC's at Prince George.  These
positions will be filled locally, in seniority order.  Subsequent permanent vacancies will be filled by way of Regional Bulletins to the
Mountain Region membership in seniority order.

The Company also discussed assigning existing BCR non-schedule clerical positions, one at Prince George and one in North
Vancouver.  The Company still needs to discuss this matter with the incumbents of these positions.  Both employees will have the option
of transferring into the CAW Council 4000 Bargaining Unit with their positions, where their service on such positions will be dovetailed as
per the provisions of Agreement 5.1 and the December 12, 2004 agreement between Council 4000 and CN.

The Company just recently transferred four non-schedule hostler positions into the Council 4000 Bargaining Unit, where only one of the
four incumbents transferred, meaning three permanent positions will be posted on the Mountain Regional Bulletin.  

The Company also confirmed that there will be 9 positions transferred at the North Vancouver Reload facility, an addition of one job from
the initial 8 that we first advised.  The Union met with representatives of the Teamsters, who presently represent these workers.  While at
the Reload facility, we had an opportunity to meet with some of those 9 members who will be joining the CAW and Council 4000/Local
4001 once the CIRB issues the certificates of those BCR positions that are transferring into CN and the established bargaining units on

These Reload positions, and any other former BC Rail positions that will transfer into Council 4000 within the Greater Vancouver area,
will fall under the present BC CN Unit, for which Ron Shore is the Unit Local Chairperson.  

Prince George also falls under the BC CN Unit; however, once this CIRB approves certification of all former BCR positions, Local 4001
will establish a separate Unit for Prince George and Northern BC.  In the interim, Gary Martinson will represent the membership in
Northern B.C., both CN and former BCR employees who will transfer into Council 4000, until such time as the Board approves and
issues certificates, at which point elections will be held.

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