VIA Rail may make a comeback to Thunder Bay
March 18, 2005
VIA Rail may be coming back to Thunder Bay.

Officials with the rail line said they’ll be talking with CP Rail representatives in an attempt to work out a deal that would see VIA
use CP’s south line, which runs through Thunder Bay, for VIA passenger service.  The move stems from a meeting between VIA
and Thunder Bay-Rainy River, Ontario MP Ken Boshcoff on Monday (March 14th).

VIA will be talking to CP about the availability of track and the cost of using it for passenger service.  There’s no timeline in place,
but the parties will continue to work on the issue as long as there is public interest in it.

VIA passenger trains stopped in Thunder Bay in 1990 when VIA consolidated its operations, deciding to scrap the service along
the southern line, but keep it going along CN’s northern line, which reaches remote communities.

The reason for the decision was part of VIA’s mandate to provide transportation services to communities that may not be able to
access other modes of transportation throughout much of the year.  The southern line runs more-or-less parallel with the Trans-
Canada Highway, and as such doesn’t run through remote communities.

A CP official didn’t have any further information on the matter Wednesday, but said he’d look into it.

Source: The Chronicle-Journal
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