CAW/CN Meetings - BC Rail Integration
March 14, 2005
Meetings were held February 16th and 17th in Vancouver between representatives of CAW National Council 4000 and CN
concerning the integration of the BC Rail workforce into CN's operations, as well as the Council 4000 Bargaining Unit.  

On July 2, 2004, the Competition Bureau enabled Canadian National Railway to complete its $1-billion acquisition of the
Crown-owned BC Rail's operating assets, which sees CN taking over the freight operations of BC Rail under a renewable 60-year
lease.  The B.C. Government maintains ownership of the actual rail line, which runs from North Vancouver to Northern British
Columbia, but CN will operate on the lines and be responsible for its infrastructure and maintenance.  The deal has been rightfully
controversial on account that the B.C. Liberals, particularly Premier Gordon Campbell, promised not to sell the railway during
B.C.'s 2001 election campaign.

In late December, CN provided the Union with listings identifying positions on BC Rail that would be integrated into CN's
operations.  In some cases, the Company also identified the names of the incumbents on these position.

The February meetings were to review BC Rail positions that would be maintained by CN, and identify those BC Rail employees
who will transfer over to CN.  Discussions also centered on what bargaining units those BCR positions being maintained, belong

In the case of the Council 4000 Bargaining Unit, two separate lists of positions and employees will be established.  First, existing
unionized positions that are currently represented by the Council of Trade Unions on BC Rail (CTUBCR), which includes CAW
Locals 102 (Carmen) and 110 (Locomotive Engineers), will be listed under Appendix 'A' of the parties' Memorandum of Agreement
dated December 18, 2004.

Appendix 'B' will list out current non-scheduled positions and employees that are classified as management on the BCR, but fall
under the scope and recognition of the Council 4000 Collective Agreements.  These listings will not be completed until late March
or April, where further meetings with CN will be required.  In the event there is a dispute as to the appropriateness of certifying
any of these existing non-schedule positions, either party may refer the matter to an arbitrator.  

So far, it has been confirmed the following BC Rail unionized positions that will be transferred into the CAW Council 4000 -
Agreement 5.1 Bargaining Unit.  

Fort St. John, BC - 1;  Lillooet, BC - 1;  North Vancouver, BC - 8;  Prince George, BC - 23    

More meetings will be required with CN, as well as the United Steelworker's of America concerning Agreement 5.4
Operator/Excavator positions.

Council 4000 Regional Rep Barry Kennedy will be meeting with other representatives from the CTUBCR in Vancouver and Prince
George to ensure an easy transition for those employees who transfer over to CN, and soon to become new members of CAW
National Council 4000.  

The Council and Local 4001 will be conducting meetings with both our current membership and new members joining us from BC
Rail, welcoming them into our bargaining unit and organization once the integration issues are settled.  These meetings will be
scheduled in those locations that are affected.

More information will be published as it becomes available.    
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