CAW's Hargrove:
"CN must stop sending Canadian work to U.S."
July 25, 2005
The Canadian Auto Workers Union will seek a federal court order to stop CN Rail from sending Canadian work to the U.S.            

The move comes in response to CN's refusal to respect an arbitrator's decision handed down last month.  Winnipeg arbitrator Jack
Chapman had ruled CN was violating the CAW's collective agreement by sending Canadian-based locomotives to Illinois for repair by
CN's U.S. employees, instead of to their home bases in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto.

"This is work which has been done in Canadian railway shops for the past 100 years," said CAW president Buzz Hargrove.  "The
livelihood of CAW members in Canada and their families depends on keeping repair work on CN's locomotive and car fleet in Canada."

Yesterday, CN announced it will ask the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench to overturn Mr. Chapman's ruling.  A court date has been set
for Thursday, July 28.  If the hearing goes ahead, it will be the first time in history CN has questioned an arbitrator's decision with the
CAW.  The CAW fully supports
our CN leadership and membership in this fight to maintain our jobs.

"The stakes are high, not just for our railway members, but for all Canadians," said Hargrove.  "The privatization of CN has already led to
majority foreign ownership of the railway.  We cannot allow our jobs and a vital national transportation artery to suffer the same fate."

Source:  CAW NewsNow / CNW Group
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