December 2, 2005
In recent months, VIA Rail Canada participated in a series of roundtable discussions with Transport Minister Jean-C. Lapierre and other
industry representatives.  President and CEO Paul Côté reported on VIA’s ongoing efforts in the area of safety and security and
discussed the Corporation’s future plans and needs.

On November 23rd the minister announced several steps, including funding of $110 million for an Immediate Action Plan, to enhance the
security of Canada’s passenger rail and public transit systems.

The federal action plan includes three elements that touch on VIA’s operations:

  • Up to $80 million over three years will be used to establish RideSecure, a new passenger rail and public transit security
    contribution program targeted towards high-volume passenger areas of commuter rail and public transit.

  • Up to $19 million will strengthen Transport Canada’s capacity to provide security leadership and expert assistance in security
    assessments and plans.

  • Up to $8 million will go towards conducting tests of emergency preparedness – to improve the readiness of Canada’s mass
    transport sector to respond to emergencies and to develop effective contingency plans.

VIA will stay in close contact with officials in Ottawa to explore this program’s potential impact on its safety and security measures and
will report back as this file progresses.
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