TELUS gears up censorship machine
August 22, 2005
“These guys have got to be kidding,” said Telecommunications Workers Union president Bruce Bell, responding to news that TELUS is
demanding that the TWU’s radio ads be taken off the air.  “TELUS used to be in the communications business, but now they seem to be
gearing up their role as censors.”

“First they knocked down the Voices for Change website on the grounds that they were protecting scabs whose photos had been posted
there.  Within days it became clear that was a ruse when TELUS paraded them around the TELUS plaza in Calgary and then tried to use
them to force a confrontation with our people.  Then they invited TV cameras into the workplace to show them scabbing our work,” he
explained.  “So much for ‘protecting their identities’.”

“Then TELUS used its corporate pull to convince some radio stations not to run our ads,” he continued.  “When that didn’t achieve what
they were after, they upped the ante and threatened us with legal action if we didn’t pull our radio ads off the air.”

“We have strong legal precedent protecting what we’re doing,” Bell emphasized.  “In a 2001 decision in the case of BC Automobile
Association vs. Office and Professional Employees International Union, the court made it clear that trademark law does not restrict
consumer magazines from criticizing products or unions from caricaturing trademarks of the firms they are striking.”

“Clearly, TELUS has money to burn on nonsense like this,” Bell declared.  “But unfortunately for them, we live in a country where the
corporate will is not yet law.”

Source:  TWU
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