CN plans to roll out of Biggar
August 10, 2005
Biggar, Saskatchewan has been a railway town for as long as anyone can remember, but now Canadian National Railway is
planning to close the town's terminal and make tracks for Saskatoon.

"Saskatoon is already a major depot, a major centre for employment, for CN employment in Saskatchewan, and we just think it
would be a more efficient place to re-crew our trains," said Jim Feeney, a spokesperson for CN.

Biggar's mayor Ray Sadler plans to fight to keep the jobs in his town.  He says he is busy writing CN, politicians, and anyone
who might listen.  "I don't sleep.  I'm not sleeping on this one," said Sadler.  "There's no way.  I don't sleep on anything when it
effects the livelihood and the breath of Saskatchewan."

The move would affect almost 200 of the railway's engineers and conductors.  But Feeney says shutting down the terminal will
not mean layoffs.

"What that would mean would be that instead of these crew members staffing the trains, getting on and off the trains in Biggar,
they would instead be doing that in Saskatoon," said Feeney.  Feeney says that 60 per cent of those employees already live in

The railway will not be able to close the terminal until the New Year, because CN must give its unions 6-months notice before
making a move.

Sadler says that gives Biggar plenty of time to try and stop CN from leaving.  The mayor has organized a town hall meeting for

Source:  CBC News
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