The verdict is in – BC Liberals - A legacy of
broken promises and mean-spirited policies
April 5, 2005
The BC Liberals have squandered their election opportunity of 2001 with a legacy of broken
promises and mean-spirited policies, argues a new book by established journalists from The Tyee.

If the cover of Liberalized, with its dramatic bold headline and looming presence of the premier,
looks like a mock-up for a front page of The Province, that’s likely no accident.

In many ways, this book-length report card on the B.C. Liberal government, subtitled The Tyee
Report on British Columbia under Gordon Campbell’s Liberals (New Star Books, 189 pp, $16), is
as much an indictment of the mainstream media as it is of the first - and hopefully last - Campbell

The book, edited by Tyee’s David Beers, a veteran magazine writer and former Vancouver Sun
features editor, is a damning indictment of the BC Liberals.  But it’s hardly a partisan tract coming
from the usual suspects.  Like Beers, contributors such as investigative reporter Russ Francis,
former Province Victoria bureau chief Barbara McLintock and Vancouver magazine contributing
editor Alisa Smith are heavyweight journalists whose dispatches on the Campbell regime cannot
be dismissed as left-wing propaganda.
Liberalized - By David Beers, with Russ Francis, Barbara McLintock, Will McMartin, Alisa Smith, Chris Tenove and others
Even a former advisor to the Social Credit Party, Will McMartin, is among the BC Liberals’ investigative critics, delivering an
inquest on recent budgets that shows the province is by no means, better off under Campbell’s guidance.

This is a fresh look at what’s happened to B.C. since 2001 that you won’t find in the Province, the Sun, or the six o’clock news
on Global Television.  And, given the extent of the carnage Campbell’s leadership has unleashed on B.C. in just four years, that’s
a damning statement about the quality of mainstream news reporting and the priorities of Big Media.

It’s all in the book: the eroding job market in smaller communities, the Liberals’ clampdown on access to information, the premier’
s alienation of women, the chaos in the environment, and - all the way through - the growing sense that the Campbell Liberals
have done more to divide British Columbians than any other government in B.C. history.

Copies are available at $16 each.  Orders from the publisher of ten copies or more get a 20 per cent discount. For more
information on ordering Liberalized, contact New Star Books at:
(604) 738-9429, or via e-mail:

Source:  CUPE BC

Learn more of the mean-spirited legacy thus far
of the Gordon Campbell Government
The BC Division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is running an in-depth campaign leading up to the May 17,
2005 BC Provincial Election, highlighting several aspects for voters to consider when casting their ballot, posting of up-to-date
information on campaigns and organizing drives, and useful web links.  

The many mean-spirited policies and broken election promises made by the BC’s Liberals in 2001 are also featured in this
campaign.  Such as the Liberal government undermining the ability of BC communities to deliver services that citizens need,
services that CUPE members deliver.  Attacks on health care workers; school and hospital closures; reductions in hospital beds;
40% increase in surgical wait lists; tearing up of collective agreements and contracting out the work; $2.00 per hour minimum
wage reduction for young workers; privatizing BC Rail despite an election promise to keep it public; privatizing 1/3 of BC Hydro
where now more than 2,000 employees work for a company based in Bermuda, and more privatization and contracting out will
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