Thursday April 21, 2005.

Re:                  Anti-strike-breakers bill.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I would like to thank you for your active support and tireless efforts to help the Bloc Québécois convince
Liberal and Conservative MPs to support our anti-strikebreaker bill.

Over recent months, I have held more than a dozen consultative meetings in Quebec with fellow MP for
Shefford and assistant labour critic, Robert Vincent, and in Ontario, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, to gather
as much support as possible for the anti-strikebreaker bill.  Your efforts to raise awareness and convince
Liberal and Conservative Members produced results, although the bill unfortunately did not pass second

In 2003, this bill was defeated by 18 votes; this year, it was defeated by just 12 votes.

We are very disappointed but remain hopeful.  As you know, this issue is a priority for our party and I
personally undertake to introduce this bill again immediately after the next election – which will likely be
sooner rather than later – and to win a majority of the votes.

And once again I would like to be able to count on your support to help us in our common cause.

I am hopeful that we will convince a majority of the Members in the House of Commons that anti-strikebreaker
legislation would serve to reduce the length of labour disputes, reduce violence and vandalism on the picket
lines and the bad feelings that follow a dispute. Finally, such legislation would mean that all workers would
fall into a single category.


Carole Lavallée
MP for Saint-Bruno–Saint-Hubert and
Bloc Québécois Labour Critic