Intermodal Study Rail:  Intermodal revenue will rise
May 10, 2005
By 2016, rail tonnage is projected to reach 2.56 billion tons — compared with 2.06 billion tons in 2004 — and capture 13.6
percent of the total tonnage market, according to a recent report from the American Trucking Associations (ATA).

Entitled “U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast to 2016,” the report also estimates rail intermodal revenue will rise to $19 billion in
11 years compared with 2004’s $8.6 billion.  “Rail intermodal service, driven by higher merchandise import and export volumes
and domestic manufacturing, will continue to lead to growth in the use of domestic containers, and new investment in intermodal
infrastructure and equipment,” the report states.

ATA also projects that trucks will increase total annual tonnage to 13 billion tons — or 69.1 percent of the total tonnage market
— by 2016.  Air freight and express package traffic is expected to rise to 31.6 million tons in 2016, nearly doubling 2004’s 18.1
million tons.

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