CAW Collective Bargaining & Political Action Convention
July 11, 2005
The CAW will celebrate its 20th anniversary at the Collective Bargaining & Political Action Convention in Toronto, July 12 to 14 at the
Sheraton Centre Hotel.  Nearly 1,100 delegates from coast to coast to coast will debate and vote on the union’s bargaining and its
political action agenda for the next three years.

The theme ‘Twenty Years of Fighting Back: The CAW Makes A Difference’ not only captures the challenges but also the many victories
our union has forged over the first two decades of its existence as a Canadian union.  Building on that history, delegates will also
examine the road ahead for the union which has more than doubled its membership since its inception to 265,000 members today.

Delegates will look at key trends and bargaining strategies affecting everything from wages to benefits, work time, pensions, human
rights, health & safety in the workplace to the changing economic and political context of 2005.

The convention will set the tone for bargaining with the Big Three automakers this fall.  In this round of bargaining the union will also be
negotiating pensions with the Big Three and the convention will look at the CAW’s Union in Politics (UPC) national campaign on pension

The convention opens Tuesday, July 12 at 9:00 a.m. with a video presentation chronicling the CAW’s first 20 years, followed by CAW
president Buzz Hargrove's speech on the state of the union.

Guest speakers include:

Tuesday, July 12:
2:30 pm - Arthur Donner, PhD, Economic Consultant
3:30 pm - Roméo Dallaire, Lieutenant General (retired)

Wednesday, July 13:
10:00 am - Ken Georgetti, President, Canadian Labour Congress
11:30 am - Bill Fletcher, President, Trans Africa Forum
4:00 pm - Craig Kielburger, Free the Children

Thursday, July 14:
9:30 am - Maude Barlow – Council of Canadians
10:30 am - Christian Brunkhorst, National Advisor, IG Metall (GM-Opel)
12:00 pm - Serge Cadieux, Québec Director, Canadian Office & Professional Employees Union
3:00 pm - Ken Neumann, Canadian Director, United Steelworkers union

Source: CAW NewsNow
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