CAW Council 4000 supports striking TELUS Workers
July 25, 2005
Workers at TELUS Communications who have been working without a contract since 2000, went out on strike at 6:00 a.m. local time on
Thursday, July 21st, one day before TELUS was to impose its own non-negotiated contract on its bargaining unit employees.

A community website run by and for Telecommunications Workers Union (TWU) members, Voices for Change
( was blocked by TELUS.  Web surfers who use as their Internet Service Provider are unable
to access this website due to censorship by TELUS.  The company admitted to censoring TWU members and their customers.

TELUS customers can pass this proxy URL to TWU members they know who uses TELUS as their ISP:

Despite huge compensation increases for the likes of TELUS CEO Darren Entwistle (54% increase in 2004 - $4.25 to $6.55 million),
TELUS Mobility CEO George Cope (88% increase in 2004 - $3.58 to $6.74 million ) and TELUS CFO Robert McFarlane (300% increase
including stock options - $1.3 to $4.05 million), TWU members have received 0% in wage increases since 2001.

TELUS is offering a base wage increase for union members of 2% for each year of a proposed 5-year agreement to 2010.  Variable rate
increases are also being offered, along with a lump sum payments to compensate employees for foregone wage increases equivalent
to 5.2 per cent of base wages for each year between 2001 and 2004, including the first quarter of 2005.

Since 2001, there have been numerous court cases and fights between the TWU and TELUS before the Canada Industrial Relations
Board.  Most recently, on July 22, Telus got an injunction stopping strike supporters from blocking access to the company's facilities.  On
July 21 TELUS was found guilty by the CIRB of interfering in the operation the union and bargaining in bad faith..., again.

CAW Council 4000 and Local 4001 supports our Sisters and Brothers at TELUS in achieving a fair and equitable settlement.
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