CN cancels CN/CAW Health and Safety Plan
July 25, 2005
On July 18, 2005, CN issued a 60-day notice to Council 4000 President Bob Fitzgerald and Local 100 President Bryon Debaets, of its
desire to cancel the CN/CAW Health and Safety Plan.

CN explains the rationale behind this cancellation stems from a number of instances where “cooperation or good faith was absent.”  
The preamble of the Health and Safety Plan, negotiated between the parties during the 2000 round of collective bargaining, stipulates
that “both parties commit themselves to complying with this Plan in a spirit of good faith and cooperation”.    

The company cites that a number of recent Local 100 grievances were seeking general and/or punitive damages for alleged violations of
the Plan, despite there being no such provisions within the Plan.  

CN also contends that much of the provisions within the Plan are contained in Part II of the Canada Labour Code, therefore, duplication
has created confusion and double standards without adding any value to the parties.

The CAW is currently evaluating the situation to determine which route it will take to challenge CN on its cancellation of a very important
agreement for CAW members, both Council 4000 and Local 100.

Local 100 President Bryon Debates has already advised CN that the CAW has zero tolerance on compromising safety.

Updates on this matter will be posted on this site as they become available.
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