February 4, 2005

CAW and CAW Council offer Student Bursaries
The CAW National Union and CAW Council are seeking applications for 13 bursaries the Union offers each
year.  The bursaries, which are for $2,500 each, are awarded to the sons and daughters of CAW members
in good standing who are entering their first year of post secondary education at a university, community
college, technological institute, teachers college, nursing school, etc.

One bursary is available for CAW members with at least one year of seniority attending their first year of
post secondary education.  (All bursaries are first year bursaries and are not available for students entering
subsequent years of study.)  A committee appointed by the CAW Council Executive Board and/or CAW
National Executive Board make the selections.  Application forms can be found on the CAW website at:

www.caw.ca/education (click on CAW Bursaries)

Submit completed applications to:

CAW National Office
205 Placer Court
Toronto, Ontario M2H 3H9
Attention:  Education Department, Rick Rose

Applications must be posted no later than April 15, 2005.  Good luck to all applicants.

Source:  CAW News Now

CAW Collective Bargaining and Political Action Convention
The CAW will set bargaining goals and establish political priorities for the next three years at its 7th
Collective Bargaining and Political Action Convention July 12 to 14, 2005 in Toronto.

The convention will also mark the 20th anniversary of the birth of the CAW, which is Canada’s largest
private sector union with 265,000 members who work in economic sectors as diverse as auto, auto parts,
aerospace, mining, hospitality, airlines, rail, fishing and many more.  The convention will also celebrate the
CAW’s collective achievements and a review of the union’s many challenges over the last two decades.

Hundreds of delegates, which will include Council 4000 Regional Representatives and Local Officers, as
well as guests from coast to coast-to-coast, will attend the convention and join in the festivities.  The
convention will be held at the Sheraton Centre in Downtown Toronto, site of the Council 4000 National
Convention in September 2004.

Source:  CAW News Now

Wal-Mart runs away and over Workers rights
The world’s largest and wealthiest corporation is choosing to destroy the livelihoods of nearly 200 working
families rather than accept a fair and impartial settlement with workers.  Wal-Mart would rather close stores,
eliminate worker’s jobs and make the entire community suffer, rather than reach an agreement with workers
for fair wages and benefits.

Take Action!  Tell Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott to respect worker rights and reverse plans to close their Wal-Mart
store in Quebec, Canada.

Source:  UFCW
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