December 7, 2005
Lethal Weapon actor and social activist Danny Glover was in Toronto on December 3rd outlining the need for better wages and benefits
for the tens of thousands of hotel workers in North America.

Glover spoke at CAW Council along with hotel union leader Bruce Raynor about the need for tough bargaining to raise standards to a
middle class level for hotel workers who often face long hours, low pay and all too often racism.

Raynor, president of UNITE-HERE, said the massive hotels in downtown Toronto and other North American cities would be nothing
without the workers who make up the rooms, prepare meals and look after guests.  The impact of the union’s campaign across North
America will be huge, he said.  In Toronto alone, major hotels employ more than 6,000 workers.

“We going to raise the wages and standards of hotel workers across North America,” Raynor pledged.

Glover said he was glad to hear CAW president Buzz Hargrove repeatedly talk about progressive politics at a time when most are afraid
to utter the term publicly.  The Hollywood actor and director is a lifelong social activist who learned his activism from parents who were
labour organizers.

A campaign to raise the standards of hotel workers is important because it’s part of a progressive agenda to raise the standards of all
workers, Glover said during a passionate speech.

The “Hotel Workers United” campaign is also underway in several U.S. cities, where new hotel contracts will be negotiated in 2006.

Source:  CAW NewsNow
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