Labour mobilizes to support TWU members
locked-out by TELUS
August 22, 2005
The Alberta and BC federations' of Labour, in cooperation with the Telecommunications Workers Union (TWU), have developed an
immediate action plan that supporters can follow to help the 13,500 TWU members locked out by TELUS.

The plan involves increasing demands upon the managers and strikebreakers currently doing locked-out members' jobs at TELUS.  
And, it also involves letting the federal regulator, the CRTC, know when service isn't provided in a prompt efficient manner.  Hopefully this
pressure will force TELUS to go back to the table and bargain job security and other basic workplace rights in good faith with the TWU.   

Here are a few ways you can help save jobs and ensure good service from Telus:

Both Federations have also coordinated efforts in support of the locked-out TELUS workers by airing radio ads in major markets in both
Alberta and B.C.  The airtime will cost over $260,000.  The ads began airing on August 16th and will conclude on Labour Day.

However, four stations in Calgary, CHFM, CHQR, CKRY and CKIS, have refused to air the ads.  "We're still waiting to hear the stations'
rationale for this decision and are hopeful they will reconsider", added Peter Massy, Vice-President of the TWU.  "If they continue to
refuse, we will be considering all our options".

Jim Sinclair, President of the B.C. Federation of Labour, said; “TELUS customers have known about the corporation's customer service
problems for a long time, now they'll learn what they can do about it.  These campaigns will build on our work with union members in BC
to send TELUS a message by cancelling their custom phone features.  These ads take aim at TELUS' Achilles heel, lousy customer

TELUS customers know that the corporation's job cuts have already hurt service," said Massy.  The long delays and poor quality of
service will only get worse if TELUS gets its way and ships BC and Alberta jobs away."

"We've accepted the federal Labour Minister's offer of a special mediator," Massy stated.  "We're disappointed TELUS still refuses any
help to get to the bargaining table."  Massy noted that despite TELUS' claims of an unworkable collective agreement, TELUS made profits
of $242 million last quarter.

"TELUS imposed a new agreement on its workers, effectively locking them out," said Sinclair.  "Imposing agreements and relying on
scabs won't break unions in BC; it'll only hurt service levels even more.  TELUS management doesn't get it, but we know TELUS
customers do".

Several rallies have been held since the lock-out.  The most recent were barbeques in Edmonton and Calgary on August 19th and 21st
respectively.  Another BBQ will be held on August 25th in Edmonton, sponsored by the UA Local 448, between 4:30 and 6:30 PM at the
TELUS building at 11404 - 60 Avenue.  The next rallies are scheduled for Calgary on August 25th at 6:30 PM at the TELUS Mobility
Building at 3030 - 2nd Avenue SE; and in Burnaby on Labour Day, September 5th at 12 noon across from TELUS headquarters at the
corner of Kingsway and Boundary.     

Source:  AFL and BC Fed
Spend some time on a TWU picket line near you.  Visits from others help buoy the spirits of locked out members and shows
support for their struggle.  
Click Here for the location of TWU picket lines.
Call TELUS and cancel one or more of your special calling features (call waiting, call forwarding, voice mail, smart ring, call
alert, call display).  If you pay your phone bill through automatic deductions, you could cancel that, request a printed copy of
your bill, and pay by cheque.

To contact TELUS and make changes to your special calling features, call them toll-free at 310-2255, or go to
Call TELUS Mobility and make changes to your monthly cell phone plan.  If you receive your TELUS Mobility bill electronically,
ask for it to be mailed to you instead.  Cancel one or more of your special calling features, like call waiting, call forwarding or
call display.

To contact TELUS Mobility, call toll-free at 1-866-558-2273, or go to
If you've experienced poor service or long delays from TELUS, contact the CRTC and register an official complaint.  Two years
ago, when the elimination of thousands of jobs led to poor customer service, it was the complaints of thousands of TELUS
customers like you that forced the CRTC to order TELUS to act.

To contact the CRTC, go to their website at and click on "Complaints and Inquiries" or call them toll free at
1-877-249-2782.  To correspond with the CRTC email them at:
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