August 13, 2005

To the residents of Alberta, and especially of the Wabamun Lake area:

I want to express my personal apology and regret, and that of CN, for the derailment and spill last
week that has affected your community. And, I want to assure you that CN will do everything in its
power to make this right.

All of us involved in this very unfortunate incident have learned a great deal. At CN, we have already
implemented changes to our incident response practices to make us a better railroad and more
importantly, better able to respond to situations like this one.

While we improve our own practices, we are working hard to return the lake and the land to their
proper condition. Our people, and the world-class experts we have brought in to help us, are making
progress on the clean-up, and the remediation every day. We have made significant progress on the
lake, and on the shore. I am personally very proud of the effort we have made with local wildlife. There
is tremendous work going on at CN’s Wildlife and Waterfowl Treatment Centre. I, and everyone at
CN, will be eternally grateful for the overwhelming support we have received from community
volunteers with this very important effort.

I am also very much aware of our ongoing responsibilities to local citizens. We have made personal
undertakings to local community leaders. We have told them we will be there for the long-term clean-
up. We have told them we will respond to their concerns, as quickly as we can reasonably be
expected. And we have told them we will live up to what we say we will do.

In the meantime, we continue to work on our short-, medium-, and long-term plans to put your
beaches, your personal property and community back to rights. We will keep you informed as we do
this work, through our daily update bulletin, our Information Line at 1-866-694-8579 and our CN
Information Trailer. And, information is also available online at and www.wabamunwatch.

Please accept my personal assurance that all of us at CN are very much aware of the turmoil you
have gone through in the last 10 days, and that those of us involved in the ongoing response and
remediation are doing everything in our power to do the job you expect of us.



E. Hunter Harrison
President and CEO