Frederick David Childs - A Lasting Impression
April 5, 2005
It is with great regret that we inform you of the passing of Brother Fred Childs on Thursday March 23, 2005, in Toronto.  Fred
started his railway career with Canadian National Railways in the mid-1960s and retired from VIA Rail several years ago.  He was
an avid Trade Unionist and Social Activist from start to finish.

Brother Childs was one of the first people that I met when I started to work on the Railway.  He was the Key Grievance Officer on
the midnight shift at CN Express in Concord Ontario.  It was Fred and Robin Burr that influenced my decision to get involved in
the Union.  I learned trade union and social democratic principles from them.  But moreover, I learned with Brother Childs.  I went
to my first union meeting with him.  We attended numerous union and political conventions, education seminars and courses,
demonstrations and picket lines together.  Like anyone who spent any time with Fred, I gained from his experience and
knowledge.  His intellectual philosophies, ethics and principals were invaluable to many of us within the former CBRT&GW.

Freddy was one of the more colourful characters within our group, an icon of sorts.  Brother Childs’ experience and knowledge
was only matched by his fantastic sense of humour and great wit.  The incredible tales and adventures with Brother Childs are
many, as are they unique and delightful memories for us to cherish.

The constant hippy; the trend setter; the philosopher; the confidante; the mentor; the walking encyclopedia of the music world;
the number one fan of The Rolling Stones.  Fred dealt with life and all it threw at him, on his own terms and lived large.  At the
same time he was a loving husband, father and one hell of a good friend.

To our friend, our Brother we say
“Rock On Freddy”.  The Stones will be played in the heavens tonight.

R.J. Fitzgerald
National Council 4000 President
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