March 2, 2010
Update on CAW negotiations with VIA Rail

The Bargaining Committees of Agreements 1, 2 and 3 resumed bargaining with VIA Rail on March 2, 2010 in Montreal.  Both
Bargaining Committees continue to work on non-monetary issues that directly affect the working conditions of the respective
membership in the VIA system.  There are some keys issues within the non-monetary that must be resolved during this round of
bargaining.  The corporation continues to have a number of demands against the union and the committees are working their way
through these issues. We have been emphatic with the employer that the CAW has absolutely no intention of rolling back their hard
earned gains over the past number of years.

The committees this week will be in full discussion with the corporation concerning their January 18, 2010 announcement on the VIA
Pension Plans.  VIA to this point, has clearly indicated that they will address the union’s concerns on the administration of the plan.  
As per their message to the employees, VIA maintains the change initiated on January 18 only affects those employees who choose
to leave VIA before age 55.  They also have assured the union that this adjustment will have no negative impact on all other
employees, including those that retire from VIA at age 55 and over (for whom the 55 - 85 point date will still apply).  This change
also has no affect on current retirees. Despite this dialogue it is critically important that the changes are reviewed carefully and
resolved in a written agreement between the parties to ensure that our members’ pension plan is protected into the future.

The employer has not as of yet tabled an economic proposal to the union.  Despite our ongoing request for a proposal, VIA
continues to state that they are awaiting budgetary approval from the Federal Government. We ask that the membership continue
to support their bargaining committee and do not listen to innuendos or rumours during negotiations.  Further dates into the future
will be scheduled and we will continue to update the membership.  This is a challenging set of negotiations and solidarity is
incredibly important, if we are going to reach a fair and equitable settlement.

In Solidarity,
VIA Master Bargaining Committee
CAW Local 100
CAW Council 4000

Source:  CAW Railfax


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