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February 18, 2008
CAW Post Secondary Bursaries
The CAW National Union and CAW Council offer annually, bursaries to the daughters or sons of CAW members who are entering their first year of post
secondary education at a Canadian institution.  This year a total of 25 bursaries will be offered.  

One bursary is available for CAW members with at least one year of seniority and attending their first year of post secondary education in a full time program.

All bursaries are for $2,000 each.  Submissions should include:

  • an official application form, which is signed by a local union officer;
  • a letter of recommendation from a teacher, principal or community activist;
  • a transcript or record of marks.

Submit a completed application to:

CAW National Office
Education Department
205 Placer Court
Toronto, Ontario  M2H 3H9

Applications should be sent to the attention of Jenny Ahn, CAW National Representative, and must be received not later than April 30, 2008 (postmarked no
later than April 12).

Click here for a list of the CAW Bursaries that are available       

Click here for a copy of an application form  [PDF]
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